Doom Tower Bosses

Published On: September 5, 2021

Doom Tower Bosses

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The Doom Tower contains 8 bosses each with their own unique mechanics and skills that require you to build specific and challenging comps to beat the boss. Not every rotation will contain the same bosses and each time a boss appears in a rotation they can be of different affinities forcing you to consider if your current strategy and team composition will work.


Kuldath the Magma Dragon

kuldath the magma dragon

Kuldath the Magma Dragon is a fiery dragon that will hit incredibly hard if you don’t approach the fight with a provoke champion. His kit revolves around him utilising Hex to hit a target extremely hard. He will ignore all defensive measures to Hex’d targets but you can take steps to control the Hex debuff. Read our full guide on how to beat him for full details!

Kuldath Guide

Sorath the Frost Spider

sorath the frost spider

Sorath is one of two Spider bosses in the Doom Tower. She uses her two spiderling allies to cleanse her of debuffs and to boost her attack. You’ll also need to watch her Passive Revive if you don’t bring a HP burn or Lydia! Finally she has an incredibly high Resistance Number unless you have placed HP burn so you will need to stretch your gear to get past this boss at the highest levels. Check out our full Sorath guide to learn about the best strategies to beat this floor.

Sorath Guide

Agreth the Nether Spider

agreth the nether spider

Agreth loves poisons! At the start of the fight expect to be bombarded with Poisons that you will need to cleanse off. If you don’t Agreth will force all those poisons to instantly trigger dealing significant damage to your team. She brings 4 spiderling allies to the fight. Attacking these will place poison debuffs on you! What’s worse? All of these poisons are irresistible and cannot be blocked so you can forget bring Resistance or Block Debuffs to this fight! Check out our full guide to learn how you can beat Agreth!

Agreth Guide

Borgoth the Scarab King


Borgoth is a tanky old crab who’s perfected the art of damage reduction. The only way to crack his armor is to reduce his Max HP which can either be done through champion skills with Destroy Max HP or the more accessible route is using Destroy Artifact Set. Once you’ve got his MAX HP to 60% he’ll start taking full damage but at the start he’ll reduce your damage by 90%. Also, he doesn’t like if you attack without a shield – he’ll counterattack in retaliation which can get messy very fast! Check out our full guide on Borgoth including some solo strategies to beat this stage!

Borgoth Guide

Iragoth the Eternal Dragon


Iragoth is the oldest dragon in Teleria and attracts many followers who both worship and protect Iragoth from foes who would harm him. Over the years Iragoth has acquired the ability to completely lock out enemy champion abilities. You need to be prepared to not use any active skills beyond your A1 or bring lots of resistance! He can hit quite hard with damage increasing on the number of skills you have on cooldown so you should plan ahead for that! Check out our full guide on how to beat Iragoth and his followers!

Iragoth Guide

Grythion the Celestial Griffin


Grythion is Raid’s answer to an Enrage Mechanic (for anyone who’s played an MMO!). He will stack up Sky Bond passive stacks that progressively increase Grythion’s Attack, Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Speed and eventually will Ignore Shield, Block Damage and Unkillable effects. Time is precious against Grythion and he will take steps to speed up his stack gains so you will need a very specific team to beat him. Check out our guide on how to beat Grythion!

Grythion Guide

Bommal the Dreadhorn


Bommal the Dreadhorn is probably the hardest boss you will face in the Doom Tower. He loves bombs spawning DreadBomb allies that will hit you for a percentage of your champions HP and also places Bomb debuffs on your champions. His base stats are also incredibly high making resisting the bombs almost impossible without bringing a Decrease Accuracy debuff. Definitely check out our full guide on how to beat Bommel when he is in rotation!

Bommal Guide

Astranyx the Dark Fae


Astranyx is the ultimate Sorceress Supreme in Teleria. She has mastered the art of ethereal cloning taking copies of your champions and turning them against you. These mirror copies are exact replica’s of your heroes meaning the more powerful your team, the more powerful mirrors you will face. She makes the most of her new found allies and uses Ally Attack to dish out damage on your team. You’ll need to be careful about affinity – she will carry out different effects depending on the affinity she attacks and the quantity of those. Check out our full guide on Astranyx on how to approach and beat this boss!

Astranyx Guide


  1. Whistler November 13, 2021 at 2:21 pm

    Great work but why no Eternal dragon guide yet?

  2. Amelia85 November 13, 2021 at 6:06 pm

    Eternal Dragon guide please HH. Stuck on the final boss and really want to beat this rotation (first DT rotation beaten!). Thanks in advance :D

  3. Googlywoogly November 16, 2021 at 10:03 am

    @Amelia85 I just beat this dragon for the first time. I have no idea why this team works, but figured it may help you in gathering your team.

    Warlord – Resist Aura Lead
    Scyl of Drake
    Stag Knight

    Obviously not everyone will have all of these, but figured it might help you figure out what type of combination is needed to punch this boss in the throat and get the job done. Good Luck.

  4. TyrantKd November 27, 2021 at 5:15 am

    just beat this dragon my self. i used
    Brogni -resist Lead, speed 253 to go before dragon and 500 resist. or just 350+
    Vrask – speed 250+ 8kHP, with retribution for counters with A1. no resist, no accuracy
    Peydma – speed 250+. high HP, high crit rate bout 400 accuracy for land A1 every time.
    Apothecary – 260 speed. resist 420 + , 60k HP. you dnt want his abilities on CD.
    Geomancer ( the Boss killer ) speed 216, resist 360, acc 340 ( 350 + if u can) 4k+ at least.
    apothecary will speed boost geomancer to go before the dragon. geomancer
    need to go before dragon first turn. no need for Crit or crit damage.

    i moved alot of gear around before i found this comp to work. use HH optimizer to do it. i wouldn’t have been able to do it other wise.

    if you dnt have any those exact champs. the strat is get champs with good A1 and or passives. definitely need an attack down. burn. healers and shielders need high resist. keep alive till dragon burns down. at least that how i went about it.

  5. TheScot650 December 5, 2021 at 6:51 am

    Hey there HH. You REALLY need to update the site with guides for the Eternal Dragon and the Dark Fae.

  6. JSMorbius December 5, 2021 at 1:05 pm

    Help stuck on Dark Fae

  7. Akiye Razor December 7, 2021 at 6:04 pm

    Dark Fae guide please.

  8. enzopain December 7, 2021 at 7:35 pm

    need a dark fae guide please!!!

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  10. SS2020user March 1, 2022 at 9:38 am

    This guide helped me lots with Scarab, now i am finally able to get past floor 30 on rot 1. THX!!!

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