Raid Boss Board Game


Raid Boss is an RPG board game brought to you by the creators of Incarnate. Raid Boss is a puzzle table-top game with flexibility, so it allows you to devise incredibly clever skill sequences. Because of this, those game-ending threats soon become trivial as you experiment and gain experience. Soon you’ll be taking on even more devious and puzzle-like advanced battles and bosses.

There are 12 playable Heroes and 6 Bosses to challenge, each lavishly illustrated, giving you a wealth of content and variety of challenges.

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Raid Boss is a 1-4 player board game battle puzzle designed like a strategy RPG. You can enjoy all of the cooperative teamwork, combos, and collaboration, without any of the endless grinding!

If you have been following Incarnate and wondered where the inspiration for the game has come from, look no further than “Raid Boss”. This board game is packed full of hours of tabletop gaming enjoyment!


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