The Tank Class – Ashes of creation

Published On: February 19, 2021

Ashes of Creation Presents The Tank Class


The Tank class has a vital role in the game as they are the meat shields which can control the fate of the battle. They do this by choosing who takes the damage so therefore can take the damage of the fighters and place it on themselves so your group can win the fight. The base hp and defence allows the Tank class to withstand a lot of damage and they can be out of position and not get punished too hard for it. Those who ignore their commands will feel their wrath.

The tank is set to be able to taunt the enemies which will change the focus from your allies onto yourself. The tank class is also set to have a pull so similar it will change the focus of your allies onto yourself or someone else. The second class will decide how you play your tank for example having the tank as the secondary and becoming a sentinel will allow you to control the damage mitigation better.


Onslaught – The Tank will spring forward and charge towards the target, providing a shield and it will generate threat in the process. As you level the skill up it will increase in shields and damage, also providing knockdown effects which could help your team as you cc your opponent.

Lacerate – The Tank will slice through your target, dealing instant damage and makes them bleed over time. Whilst this is happening the tank will be gaining threat.

Resounding Smash – The Tank will pound the ground in front of you which will deal damage to all targets and it will generate threat. A second hit will resound on your primary target. This aoe skill will be very helpful against mobs.

Shockwave – The Tank will stamp on the ground in front of you creating shockwaves which knock down all targets and deals damage to them. Doing this will generate threat. As you level the shockwave up it will deal more damage over time and it increases its effect radius allowing you to hit more targets.

Bulwark – The Tank strikes the target and increases your block chance to prevent enemies from attacking you. Doing such generates threat. As you level the skill its damage duration and block chance can all be increased.

Myrmidon – The Tank strikes the target and increases your damage mitigation whilst generating threat so your foes focus on you.

Javelin – The Tank will grab your target and pull them to your location, doing such will generate threat. As you level the ability it allows you to grab multiple targets and can stun them.

Weapon Toss – The Tank will throw his weapon at the target which will deal damage upon them. When you level the skill it adds a bounce effect so it will bounce between multiple targets.

Ultimate Defence – The Tank provides a self increasing damage mitigation buff based on missing health. Whilst active your tank will lose its speed and be a slow-moving juggernaut As you level the ability its duration will increase and can provide a large damage mitigation increase to nearby ally members.


The Tanks will be rushing to your rescue to take the damage for your team and doing everything to protect your damage dealers. Using the threat taunt your enemies away from your team and soak up and damage.


The weapons the Tank will carry will be a sword and shield so make sure your shield is up and get in front of your team to mitigate any damage!


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