Ashes of Creation


Ashes of Creation is a new MMO game which has sprung to life over the past few years, the game itself is in Alpha development and is said to be the next best thing!

Ashes of Creation is set on a world which has been destroyed and it’s you and your allies job to rebuild and reclaim this world.

Ashes of Creation has taken all the past and present MMO’s out there and combined them into this awesome looking game which we cannot wait to get our hands on! The visual side of the game is amazing as expected from a modern MMO, however, it is the engaging gameplay and features that seal the deal for us on this one.



The Mage Class
The Cleric Class
The Tank Class


These are areas of the map which you are fighting to control. You will spawn randomly at the start into a wasteland area and it will be up to you and your allies to defend enemies off and build up your defence. The nodes will level up based on your activity so make sure you are an active player for your team! Cities will be taken and you will take them back by levelling up different skills in order to make you and your allies stronger. Within a server there can only be 5 metropolis’s which means you and your allies will have to fight to remain one of the big metropolis or crumble to defeat by your foes. Nodes will be affected by any choice you make in the game so if you become a crafter, warrior or gatherer then that will deeply affect your node in how it defends itself (if it can) or how much currency you make. But no more than 5 metropolis means you need to build trust in your allies and form huge clans to overtake some of the big names in the game! The community will be the reason for your node being one of the strongest or weakest. As it will be based on how big your clan can grow.

Nodes Explained
The 4 Node Types


The game will be very player based to really try and build the clan system and make friends and foes. Siege towers are said to be a gold mine if you happen upon them or build them up as they can control the way the battle swings due to the fact if you’re attacking an enemy node then this will benefit you greatly and visa versa. This will be one of the biggest points of the game as the pvp will be huge as you try and take over metropolis’s using allies and bonding clan friendships which will aid your victory. Pvp will be a massive battle across many people trying to defend or attack so be prepared and have your team ready.


Economics – forges, taverns and real estate

The real estate is based on how long you are playing the game and how well you are leveling your nodes. This makes for a great economic side for the game. Caravans is going to play a big part on how the economy will form. As caravans will transfer the goods for trading and players will buy them. You will need to defend said caravan as it is carted to nearby towns. Which creates live fun pvp action.



Plenty of classes to choose from and complete throughout the game. Quests will be available as you choose certain elements of the game including your classes and your trading skills.


Pve is also incorporated where you and your allies will have to fight mobs and bosses in order to gain exp for yourself and the node to really show your worth as a node and to put off the other players from attacking you. The pve will disrupt nodes and try and take them down if left unattended so watch out for them and kill them early before they ruin your fully established node.
No 2 servers will be the same. That is a great aspect on how diverse this game can really be because if you think of the player base that will be on this game then that is a huge statement.

This open-world MMO has big hype around it from big names but I want to show you my thoughts on the game, by watching this video here.

If you want to join me in a HH guild click the link here and I’ll see you in the open world soon!

With 8 Primary classes to choose from and 64 total builds to try out why wouldn’t you dive straight into this game. Ohhh right you need an alpha key, so some of you may be wondering how do I get this alpha key? Well, the answer is simple to go to the website and get early access.