Defining Your Stage of Progress in Raid: Shadow Legends

Published On: November 30, 2020

Defining Your Stage of Raid: Shadow Legends and Progress Priorities


Progressing your account can sometimes be difficult to define. Making those decisions when certain gear should be sold and when to move from campaign to dungeons are questions that get asked a great deal in our Discord Server. If you use our optimiser, you can adjust this setting to tailor your artifact ratings to your current progression level (Premium membership feature and is currently in internal testing). We’ve written a guide below to help you define your progress and you can click below to jump to each:

  1. Early Game
  2. Mid Game
  3. Late Game
  4. End Game

Early Game / New Player


An Early Game or New Starter is someone who has just picked up the game or has been playing for a weeks. Generally you will be limited to 1 or two 6 star champions or perhaps even none. For a new player, many things can be confusing even which champion to start with. Kael is widely considered the best starter champion because he has the most useful set of skills throughout all content in the game and is the most viable right through to your endgame. Elhain is considered the next best champion if Kael is not to your liking followed by Athel and then Galek

Both Kael and Elhain bring multiple AoE’s with enough damage to carry you far in key areas. Early on you will be looking for a strong campaign farmer, a good Clan boss option and a champion that you can use to brute force a number of areas. Kael brings poisons in addition to great damage which is why he makes the top spot for starter champions. Both Athel and Galek do have some form of AoE but they farm campaign much slower. In the end your account is not ruined by selecting any of these but you will progress quicker with a Kael or Elhain.

Your priorities in this phase of your progression should be on 2 areas: Getting more 6 star champions and building out a Clan Boss team. Along the way you can put some effort into doing Faction Wars as far as you can, getting some arena battles in but nothing should distract you from the 2 goals. You will also want to focus on ensuring you win or get as high up your Novice Tournament as this rewards very good artifacts to help you on your way.

In terms of choosing who to 60, you want to find a team that you can utilise in most areas of the Game but specifically in Clan Boss as this will earn you the best rewards long term. You will want to ensure you have a champion that can fill the following roles:

  1. Decrease Defence champion (preferably AoE)
  2. Decrease Attack champion (preferably AoE but it should be reliable to maintain on a Clan Boss as much as possible)
  3. A Support Type Champion such as Apothecary (This is a champion that can help boost speed or heal or provide team protection)
  4. A Damage Dealer (This will in most scenarios be your starter champion unless you have been lucky with a shard pull)
  5. A Debuff/Control Type champion such as Gnarlhorn to help manage enemy waves
  6. A speed booster – This can be Apothecary early game but will most likely become High Khatun once you receive her a 30 days gametime

Not all of the above need to be at 60 unless you plan to use them in Clan Boss. At Rank 6, champions unlock the final Mastery and choose either Warmaster or Giant Slayer (if they have a multi hit A1 skill like Apothecary) to deal significantly more damage to the Clan Boss.

Your campaign farming location will depend on a number of decisions:

  1. If you require some speed gear, farming palace of aravia can reward you with good speed artifacts (Speed is the most important stat in the game)
  2. Farming Stage 3 will reward the best silver as shields sell for more but you should fight the stages that you need the type of artifact from.
  3. We recommend farming for Warmaiden in the Deadlands and farming to book out her abilities (You can use Duplicate champions as Skill Tomes so this is a great way to upgrade your champion without investing books). She will provide you an AoE Decrease Defence debuff which will be huge for your Arena and Clan Boss Damage.

Along the way you should be checking missions and challenges. Often the next mission or challenge is a good indicator of where you should be spending some time and it will reward you with some nice early items, gems and silver.

You should be doing daily:

  • Faction Wars in every faction you can. 1 level 40 even without levelled gear can beat the first few stages of Faction Wars.
  • Classic Arena working to beat easy fights and win arena medals to upgrade your Great Hall. The Great Hall stats count everywhere in the game!
  • Utilise all your energy levelling food to level up your starter champion. You should be farming Brutal Campaign Stage 6: Palace of Aravia and Stage 8: Valdemar Strait to continue to gain experience on Food Champions and look to find new gear for your teams.
  • Fight your battles in 3v3 arena (once unlocked) and collect gold bars from the bazaar to redeem for energy, shards or tomes. Also start collecting Drexthar Bloodtwin fragments as he is an excellent champion to get for your account.
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Missions and as many of the Advanced Missions (once unlocked) as you can. These give valuable rewards and additional daily resources.
  • Login for 3 hrs to collect the additional energy, silver and arena refills.

At this point you will be looking at 3-5 star Artifacts and you will be primarily looking for Speed, Perception and Lifesteal sets. These will be the lifeblood of early game.

Check out HellHades Youtube Series below as he plays his Free to Play account. You will find many of the tips and expanded advice from his series as he progresses through Early Game


Mid Game


You will hit the mid-game in Raid: Shadow Legends when you have 5-10 level 60 champions. How quickly you reach this stage will depend on how well you’ve managed your early game time and if you choose to spend or not. There is actually no requirement to spend money in Raid other than to speed up your progress. At this stage, you will be utilising the different champions you have developed to tackle this content in the game in teams which have synergy. You will already understand game mechanics, how to build teams and will have advanced in the key Dungeons up to stage 15. You should be progressing towards stage 17 in Dragon and Spider.

You will be pushing different content to these levels:

  • Faction Wars beating the first boss in some factions, farming at least early stages in all factions. Every day you will be looking to see if you can gain a few more stars and earn more rewards.
  • Clan Boss you will have a team of 5 champions in life steal gear with high defence on gloves, chest and on artifacts. You will be fighting Brutal or Nightmare Clan Boss and achieving top chest daily.
  • You will be able to tackle Dragon at stage 15-17 and Spider at minimum stage 10 but ideally as high as 15. This is where most of your spare energy will be going.
  • Arena you should be pushing towards Silver if not Early Gold Arena and using your tokens daily to grow your great hall as quickly as possible.
  • You should be using your 3v3 Arena battles each day fighting in the bronze arena, saving the bazaar gold bars.
  • As a Mid game player, you will be looking to start to save valuable resources to be able to achieve legendary fusion and fragment event.
  • You should only pull shards on an x2 shard pull event or when it coincides with a fusion event or guaranteed champion event if the champion is unowned and worth the investment (look out for Hellhades opinion videos as these events come and go)
  • You should start climbing Doom Tower Normal for extra rewards – you will look to do any secret room your are able to do but you wont dedicate any resources to completing secret rooms.

You will now start looking for 6 star Artifacts and will be branching out your artifact sets to better fit your role. You may want Savage to be on your Nuker in the Arena or you may want to build your campaign farmer in stronger damage gear. Generally, you will still be looking for Speed, Accuracy sub-stat rolls and will probably still be using Lifesteal as your main sets in Clan Boss. If you have been lucky and pulled the champions that will make unkillable clan boss teams, then you can start moving away from Lifesteal but you will find this still valuable for dungeon content. You will also start looking at build a Clan Boss Speed Tune to improve your damage and climb towards Nightmare Clan Boss. DeadwoodJedi has a great website that covers a number of Clan Boss Speed Tunes which can be found here.


Late Game


The late game will see you with a large roster of level 50 and 60 champions able to help you create specific teams for different content. You will have Nightmare Clan Boss and Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss on farm taking the top rewards daily from each! You will also have reached dungeons 20 and have these on a reasonably quick farm (under 3-4 minutes). You will be closing in if not completing the Arbiter missions and should be in Gold 4 every week farming Gold Medals to progress your Great Hall.

You will be pushing content to these levels:

  • Faction Wars will still be tough, but you may have beaten some stages right through to stage 21 in your best teams or working towards 17+. You will be looking to farm atleast Stage 18 every day in each Faction for the chance to get 6 star glyphs.
  • You will begin farming dungeon 20 content to replace your mid game artifacts. Accessories should now be a focus as they will reward significant stats to your champions.
  • You will be farming arena weekly using the gold medals to upgrade stats that best fit the affinity and stat focus you have set yourself.
  • You should be looking to get yourself into Silver 3v3 to unlock the next batch of rewards. You will farm regularly to build up a stockpile of gold bars.
  • You will be completing Doom Tower Normal every rotation and start climbing Hard. You should be finding you can complete the majority of Normal Secret Rooms but find Hard quite challenging

Your artifact choices will have a much higher bar. You will likely be discarding your lifesteal gear in favour of the more powerful sets such as Perception, Speed, Lethal, Savage, Immunity etc. You will predominantly seek 6 star Artifacts or Epic/Legendary 5 Star Artifacts. You will be discarding split roll sub stats in favour of artifacts that have double or even triple roll. At this point you should have your arena speed lead in your fastest speed aiming to be over 300 speed. You will also be looking at niche artifact sets to maximise damage in areas (Toxic/Fury in Clan Boss, Relentless for champions with powerful non-Basic abilities, Guardian for champions with High HP and to tank for your team). You will also start prioritising certain sub-stats:

  1. Rings will have rolls on the % sub stat matching the primary stat
  2. Banners should have speed
  3. Amulets should have accuracy or resist sub stat rolls when they are required, C.Dmg primary stat if your champion is setup to deal damage with rolls on their damage dealing stat (flat stat) to maximise the value.
  4. Critical Damage gloves over Critical Rate gloves for your damage dealers.

You will now be making quite brutal decisions to ensure your account remains cleansed otherwise you risk becoming overwhelmed with average artifacts you may use but actually never use. If you do get into this situation and you feel unable cleanse, you can look at one of our gear cleanses in our Takeover Services.


End Game


Congratulations on making to the Endgame. There is some contention on what defines your End game status so we wont go into great detail here but in general an End game account is completing all the following content:

  1. Speed running Dungeon 20, 24 or 25 depending on the dungeon and requirements in under 2-3 minutes
  2. 1 Key Ultra Nightmare Clan Boss
  3. Completing all of Doom Tower Normal and Hard with all Normal rooms and the majority of Hard secret rooms completed (very niche difficult hard rooms aside)
  4. Competing in Gold 3v3 Arena
  5. Having a Great Hall Level greater than 180
  6. Faction wars fully completed with Lydia acquired and teams capable of farming stage 20
  7. Consider pushing Platinum Arena (Champions, Timezone and other factors dependent).

You will be extremely specific about the artifacts you keep. You will be looking for 6 Star Epic and Legendary Gear (although on occasion a high rolled double roll 6 star rare might fit your needs). You will be spending most of your energy farming Fire Knight and utilising Silver Keys in Doom Tower to gain powerful end game artifact sets such as Savage, Guardian, Lethal. You will actively discard split roll artifacts and will be closely looking at whether sub stats have rolled higher or lower in their potential range and discarding low double rolls. Only the best of the best will remain on your account.



  1. Metamorphosen February 4, 2021 at 7:31 am

    Well, this is a very good overview to define, where you are in the game. This game is nothing for players, who want to get in between one year from zero to hero, it takes a long time, to sove all the areas and get your champs to the level, where everything is solvable. But one thing, when they start to open new factions, my self needs about 130 stars from now on to get eventually Lydia, and raise up the amount of stars from 819 as it is now in February 2021 to 882 or more, when there are all 16 factions available, they may loose a lot of the players base in my oppinion. Maybe, my comment is in the wrong area, to get other oppinions from the playerbase here.
    Finally a very good work for this page, helps every player a lot, to progress in this game.
    Thanks to the whole team and stay well everybody!
    Sincerely Metamorphosen

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    I would like to see a more detailed guide for the great hall. Mostly because I have two at Level 6, and the rest at level 3. Now I got to wait to get one to level 7, but can’t get things leveled up fast enough to keep up.

    • SS2020user October 18, 2021 at 8:14 am

      I would also really like that.

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  10. pcsolutionsofgb February 20, 2022 at 3:53 pm

    Your website is great! A play question, though. I’m a new F2P player in Raid. I’ve been following your new F2P progress, but how/where do you get so many 5 and 6 level artifacts? I’m only getting 1, 2, 3, and an occasional 4.

    • SS2020user March 1, 2022 at 9:34 am

      Brutal campaign and missions that give gear. You should farm this to get gear to put on you champions. Wait with Dragon until you can at least beat stage 13, and already have a decent team. You can farm a little bit of Spider (minimum level 10) to get accesories, but focus on farming food alongside gear on the Brutal campaign (Palace of Aravia for Speed gear and Vladimir Straigt for Lifesteal). Start off with farming speed boots in speed set, then farm the boss for a chance of rare gear. Do the same with vladimir. 4-star gear is fine early, and your focus should be more on 6-stars than gear. However, farming these bosses will give you decent gear until you have a good enough team to farm high level Dragon. Hope this will help! I personaly did this and now I 2 key nightmare clanboss, can beat dragon 20 in 2-3 minutes and can farm Spider 15 in ca.3 minutes.

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