How to beat the Dragon’s Lair in Raid Shadow: Legends!

Published On: January 17, 2021

How to beat the Dragon’s Lair in Raid Shadow: Legends!


The dragon is known to be one best dungeon in Raid Shadow: Legends, this is because it drops some of the most useful gear in the game.

Dragon allows you to get your hands on speed, accuracy and lifesteal sets.

These are arguably some of the best sets in the game, especially for mid-game and progression for multiple reasons.

Speed is king in many areas of the game. Speed gear will be a core of many of your builds in Raid: Shadow Legends and it is one of the most desired sets in the game, even into late/end game.

Lifesteal gear allows your champions to regain health based on the damage inflicted. Lifesteal sets are great for clan boss (without unkillable or leach), faction wars and doom tower.

Stalwart reduces the AoE damage so can be a great option for clan boss teams that are using a healer or leach champion to regain health.

Frost gear can work very well in PvE and PVP. Frost gear can allow you to get through waves and crowd control your enemies to allow you to get extra turns.


In the Dragon dungeon getting through the waves is actually the biggest challenge. As long as you are able to get through both waves consistently your team shouldn’t struggle too much on the dragon itself.

  1. AoE Decrease Defence – This is essential as the waves base defence will be high so applying this debuff with make clearing them so much easier. A good option for this role is Warmaiden as she is a farm-able rare who does the AoE decrease defence debuff.
  2. Control the mobs – This is very important when completing later stages of the game because the wave will become a very hard challenge to overcome. To control the waves you can stun, freeze or daze the mobs. This way you can get off some free damage and heal or revive your team if needed. You can also use turn meter manipulation to prevent the wave from getting a turn before you do if you do this make sure you have a speed booster also to get the full effect of it. AoE abilities combined with stun gear creates a powerful combination which is ideal for this situation. HH’s example is his Bellower as all of his abilities are AoE and by using a stun set it gives you a 1/5 chance of hitting a stun.
  3. A support character – This will greatly help you through the dungeon level as any healing will keep your team alive longer. Your support character can also be your buff character. Some key buffs which will help are defence up, heal and cleanse. Defence up will help you survive the mobs as in the later stages they will be hitting HARD! Cleanse will help you clear any debuffs affecting your team so they don’t get wiped and it keeps your team healthy.
  4. Speed booster – This will get your team attacking as many times as possible which will increase your DPS so you will get through the mobs quicker. If you lap the mobs then that will make your life so much easier!
  5. This is more for the main dragon boss. Poison – This is so key strategy for taking down the dragon, especially if you do not have a speed clear team. Poison ticks away at the boss so it’s just a case of stacking debuffs and surviving the bosses attacks.

When you first start to focus on Dragon your clan boss team should be able to help you get through this dungeon. You may need to make some minor tweaks like including a stun champion to assist with the waves.

If you need help choosing champions which have the correct debuffs then check out the right side of the page to see all the debuffs and maybe you’ll uncover a hidden gem which you didn’t know about!



  1. SS2020user February 7, 2022 at 9:28 am

    Was stuck on Dragon 17 for a while with the team Elhain, Kael, Ninja, Venomage and Fahrakhin the Fat. Read this guide, swapped out Fahrakhin for Spider (AOE decrease defense), and immedeatly beat stage 18, 19 and 20! Stage 20 still not 100%, but I am way closer than I was before! Thank you so much!

    • SS2020user March 21, 2022 at 11:56 am

      Now 20 is 100% with a better boot on Elhain and some glyphs on Ninja. THX!

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