Doom Tower Artifact Sets

Published On: September 8, 2020

Doom Tower Artifact Sets

Doom Tower Overview

The Doom Tower introduced 8 new artifact sets that you can craft in the Forge using unique materials acquired from each boss. These are not universal, you will need to prioritise your silver keys on the bosses that reward you with the materials that are required to create the set you desire. Below we outline each set and the boss that drops the materials.



4 Piece Set: Adds 30% Critical Damage to your Champion. Has a 20% chance to convert a weak hit into a Critical hit.

affinity breaker weapon
affinity breaker helmet
affinity breaker shield
affinity breaker gloves
affinity breaker chest
lethal boots

Affinitybreaker is forged from Nether Eggs. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Agreth, The Nether Spider who appears in Rotations 1 and 2.

This set is probably the worst of all the Doom Tower Artifact sets. The description suggests the effects of converting weak hits is very powerful however when calculating the actual impact, you only reduce the impact of weak hits by 7%. This is because when you attack you have a 35% chance to weak hit if you are weak affinity. The 20% only applies when you weak hit and not on every attack. Instead of weak hit chances becoming 15% you actually calculate this as 35% * 20% = 7% chance Affinitybreaker works. Therefore this reduces the weak hit chance by 7% meaning you still have a 28% chance to weak hit.

Additionally, the 30% critical damage is additive only therefore its weaker than 2 Critical Damage sets (40% total). Arguably for a 4 piece commitment – the rewards from this set are not super desirable.

We don’t recommend you farm this set however sometimes the forge can throw out great pieces.



4 Piece Set: Adds 40 Resistance to your Champion. Grants Immunity Buff for 2 turns at the start of each round.

untouchable weapon
untouchable helm
untouchable shield
untouchable gloves
untouchable chest
untouchable boots

Untouchable is forged from Scarab Claws. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Borgoth, The Scarab King who appears in Rotations 1 and 3.

This set is a direct upgrade to Immunity Artifact Set bringing an additional resistance paired with the immunity buff. You probably won’t throw out your Immunity gear as it will take you some time to find good replacements.

If you can setup a good farm for this encounter – we recommend this as a set worth farming in Rotation 1.



2 Piece Set: Adds 15% ATK and 5% Critical Rate to your Champion.

fatal weapon
fatal helmet
fatal shield
fatal chest
fatal boots

Fatal is forged from Magma Cores. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Kuldath, The Magma Dragon who appears in Rotations 1 and 2.

Fatal is a great filler artifact set although it is generally weaker than Cruel which also grants 15% ATK but instead ignores 5% defence. If you find yourself 5% Critical Chance short in a powerful build then the Fatal Artifact set is perfect.

Generally, we would recommend you farm this set if you are early to mid game as it can help with building your teams (and the boss is reasonably easy to farm compared to other bosses). For late game players, we would not recommend you farming this set. This is because in Rotation 1 and 2 there are better and more unique artifact sets worth spending Silver Keys to earn.



2 Piece Set: Has 15% to block Freeze Debuff. Has a 10% chance to place Freeze Debuff when attacked.

frostbite weapon
frostbite helm
frostbite gloves
frostbite chest
frostbite boots

Frostbite is forged from Frost Spines. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Sorath, The Frost Spider who appears in Rotations 1.

This set has some niche usages mainly in dealing with opponents that apply freeze (such as Ice Golem) and was considered a potential solution for Tormin’s passive in arena. You can stack the effects of this set to get a maximum of 45% chance to block Freeze debuffs and 30% chance to place freeze when you are attacked which is greater than a typical 4 piece Frost Set. Its a solid artifact set but not top tier.

As it only appears in Rotation 1, we’d recommend you farm this set if you are not looking to farm Untouchable Gear!



4 Piece Set: Adds 12% Critical Rate to your Champion. Heals by 30% of damage dealt

bloodthirst weapon
bloodthirst helm
bloodthirst shield
bloodthirst gloves
bloodthirst chest
bloodthirst boots

Bloodthirst is forged from Dragon Bones. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Iragoth, The Eternal Dragon who appears in Rotations 2.

This set is an upgrade on the current Lifesteal set. It brings additional Critical Rate to help towards your build which an early and mid game player will find extremely valuable. In the late game, Bloodthirst is a solid set for any champion who is likely to be taking damage in a prolonged fight where you can’t bring other sources of healing (from allies etc).

This set is worth farming if you are in the early to mid game and if you can find a team suitable for farming Iragoth. In the late game, we would not recommend farming for Bloodthirst unless you choose not to farm for Guardian Gear which is in Rotation 2 also.



4 Piece Set: Your champion will absorb 10% of the damage your allies take. Heals your champion by 10% of their Maximum HP every turn.

guardian weapon
guardian helmet
guardian shield
guardian gloves
guardian chest
guardian boots

Guardian is forged from Griffin Feathers. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Grythion, The Celestial Griffin who appears in Rotations 2 and 3.

This set is probably one of the best sets in the game and certainly the best or second best artifact set from the Doom Tower. The protection acts like a small Ally Protection, absorbing 10% of your team damage. Typically Ally Protectors will end up taking significant damage. What makes Guardian very good is the sustain your champion receives from healing every turn. Guardian is useful in all aspects of the game and especially powerful on high HP champions that can take advantage of the healing.

We recommend you farm this set in Rotation 2 and consider this in Rotation 3 if you choose not to farm for Lethal Gear.



2 Piece Set: Adds 40 Resistance and 10% Defence to your Champion.

fortitude weapon
fortitude helm
fortitude shield
fortitude gloves
fortitude chest
fortitude boots

Fortitude is forged from Dreadhorn Plates. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Bommel, The Dreadhorn who appears in Rotations 3.

This set is an upgrade on the Resistence set farmed in Ice Golem. Resistence and Defense are two of the most important stats when building champions to survive some of the hardest content in Raid and for building defensive teams for Arena.

This set is worth farming however this would require you to Farm Bommel and he is by far the most challenging encounter in the game and not very farm friendly. As such we’d recommend you focus on Guardian or Lethal sets in Rotation 3.



4 Piece Set: Adds 10% Critical Rate to your Champion. Your Champion will Ignore 25% of the enemy Defense when Attacking.

lethal weapon
lethal helmet
lethal gloves
lethal chest
lethal boots

Lethal is forged from Fae Spheres. These materials are rewarded when you defeat Astranyx, The Dark Fae who appears in Rotations 3.

This is arguably the strongest of all Doom Tower sets. It is a direct upgrade to Savage (possibly the best damage dealing set in the game) and is likely going to be the set most players will farm in Rotation 3. The set retains the Ignore 25% enemy Defence effect but adds 10% Critical Chance to your build. This may not seem like it would have a big impact however often builds are left with sacrificing a really strong triple roll piece in order to ensure you reach 100% critical chance. This unlocks more space in your substats to really push the limits of your champions.

We recommend you farm this set or the Guardian Set in Rotation 3. It is important to note that Rotation 3 is the only place to farm for Lethal where you can farm Guardian in Rotation 2 also.


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