The Doom Tower


The Doom Tower is Raid’s most challenging content aimed at late and end game players. Our guides contain everything you need to understand to conquer every floor in the tower.


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What is the Doom Tower?


The Doom Tower is a 120 floor challenge that resets every month and is unlocked once you reach Level 40. Each floor contains 3 waves of different enemy champions that you must defeat. Completing each floor will unlock the next floor and grant you a one-time reward. Every 10th Floor will contain 1 of 8 bosses and will be different for each rotation. You can read about each boss in our Bosses guides.

There are currently 2 difficulties in the game: Normal and Hard. Typically any player who is able to complete dragon 15-20 will likely find Normal reasonably easy to climb (boss mechanics aside) as the average enemy champion level is around 150-180. The true challenge lies in Hard where you can expect to face average enemy champion levels between 250 and 350. Additionally, Doom Tower enemies are much faster with much higher levels of resistance and accuracy. Expect a true battle when you ascend to the top of Hard!.

Each day upon quest reset, players will receive 10 Gold Keys and 10 Silver Keys (5 additional are rewarded through completion of an Advanced quest). These keys are required to enter and complete Doom Tower Floors:

  • Gold Keys are used on non-completed Doom Tower Floors (including Boss floors where you have yet to complete).
  • Silver Keys are used on non-completed Secret Rooms and completed Boss Floors (used to farm Forge materials from Bosses).

It’s important to note that these keys work similarly to Faction Wars in that you cannot purchase or acquire more keys per day, and failing a floor doesn’t consume a key. This allows you to maximise rewards and attempt various strategies until you beat the floor.

This means you need a minimum of 12 days to complete each difficulty (24 days in total for both difficulties). As a rotation lasts for approx 1 month – this means you can afford time to prepare for the most difficult floors.


What are Secret Rooms?


Each Difficulty has 12 unique Secret Rooms. These are similar to regular Doom Tower Floors except you must comply with a special condition to complete. This could be anything from using champions only from a specific faction to using only a specific affinity. Completing a Secret Room rewards you with 2 Silver Keys (1 is consumed so you gain 1 key) alongside Champion Fragments towards Doom Tower Unique Champions. You can earn 3 fragments per room and 12 rooms per rotation allow you to earn 36 Fragments per Rotation (roughly 3 months per Champion). You can read more about Doom Tower Champions here.

We have a guides for all Secret Rooms which you can find on our Secret Room Guide Page!