How to beat the Ice golem in raid Shadow Legends

Published On: January 15, 2021

How to beat the Ice golem in Raid Shadow Legends


The Ice Golem can be one of the longer dungeons in Raid Shadow legends due to the ads that the ice golem re-spawns after he unleashes his powerful AoE attack. The Ice golem is seen as an annoying boss to deal with which you need steady damage and survivability to get through it.


Nuke teams are not as effective in this dungeon as the ice golem attacks with a big AoE Slam when he’s taken down to 80, 60, 45, 30 and 15% HP.

If his ads are still alive then you will take more damage during this slam.

If one ad is dead then it will ignore 50% defence. If both ads are alive it will ignore 100% defence.


Key Sets that drop from Ice Golem:

  • Defence
  • Resistance
  • Crit rate
  • Taunting

The defence is worth having a set of because if you are building a clan boss team and you need to boost your defence up to the 4500 thresh-hold then this set can help you reach it.

Resistance is mainly for the late game arena when you need to stop debuffs on your team. This is one of the ways to counter high accuracy teams to stop champions debuffs on your team.

Crit rate gear is very good to have as a set bonus when trying to tune your teams to output as much damage as possible.

Taunting is good for wave control by applying a taunt to your enemies and forcing them to focus on one champion that does not have an AoE or Single-Target Provoke.


Some debuffs and buffs which make Ice Golem easier:

  • Decreased Defence
  • Shield
  • Poison
  • Revive
  • Block Revive
  • Decreased Attack

Before stage 11 you can get away with nuking the boss and not dealing with the ads because it isn’t as strong as the later levels.

Just be careful and watch the HP of your team if it seems close don’t risk it and take your time clearing the ads instead.

After stage 11 you should focus the ads to reduce the damage taken and so you can get through the dungeon. Slowly over time, you can improve your speeds by using certain champions and tricks to get you through the waves and onto the boss.


Some MVP’s if you have them then use them:

Miscreated Monster – build him with HP, speed, crit rate and accuracy. He has a crazy kit and is a legendary dressed as an epic!

Apothecary – build him with HP, defence and speed. His heals and speed boosting is very important in keeping your team alive and going faster with the speed boost.

Tomblord – Build with speed, accuracy, HP, defence and crit. The Tomblord is a very strong poisoner and is top tier when it comes to the Ice Golem.

Tayrel – accuracy, speed and defence. Tayrel has a nice kit in dealing with the Ice Golem.

Reliquary Tender – in shield set. She is a very supportive champ who has a revive in her Kit so she partners well with the shield set or stalwart set, which is a sleeper OP set to build someone in to beat the damage from the AoE attack from the boss.

Stag Knight – Stag Knight is a great option for reducing the Ice Golem’s Defence and applying a decreased attack debuff to help you out when the slams com in.

Seer – Seer is a great champion to get you through the waves but you may need a revive champion to back her up because of the reflect damage on the waves.


For more tips and tricks watch the video below:



  1. Holypanzer January 15, 2021 at 5:11 am

    Congrats!! Amazing videos and Awesome website. my raid experience is broken down to B.H.H and A.H.H. I hit day 40 and had Athel to 50 and was burning energy on everything wrong. hated PVP.. Now Day 60+ I’m Spanking Gold 1, 50/50 in gold 2. I was 4 keying Easy CB Now I’m 1 Keying Normal, Hard, and Soloing Easy for 19M+.. My Clan is far from making it to brutal. Point being thanks my success is from your teachings. ASDD!!!
    So simple. I have the champs for Budget unkillable can it be timed for hard CB?

  2. Sipporah November 20, 2021 at 6:36 am

    Can you update for lvl 20-25 cause definitely can’t use same champions for it. I can’t get past 22

  3. NioXin November 22, 2021 at 11:52 am

    This is way outdated.

  4. Slawdawg23 November 22, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    Yeah, pretty outdated. But decent overall

    • Phixion November 22, 2021 at 4:44 pm

      Published On: January 15, 2021 – Yeah its a pretty old post

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