Be prepared for the next fusion event

Published On: February 10, 2021

Be prepared for the next fusion event


Fusions are a great way to get new legendary champions in Raid Shadow Legends! These champions could be a great addition to your roster, however, it will take effort and resources to achieve!

You should always prepare for fusions in advance, never wait until a day before because you won’t have the time to get enough resources that you need.

We recommend that if you want to go for a fusion start saving as soon as it is announced or ATLEAST a week beforehand to ensure you are able to access all of the respective potion dungeons.

You should stockpile shards, unleveled artifacts, potions, silver, and food in preparation for every fusion.


Potions are a must as often you don’t realise how many you need to fully ascend all the champions for the fusion event and the keeps are locked each day. Stockpile them when the dungeons are open so you have a good starting point.

For a traditional fusion, assuming there are 4 of each affinity rares and 1 of each affinity epics you will need:

  • 40 Lesser Void, 36 Greater Void, 6 Superior Void
  • 40 Lesser Force, 36 Greater Force, 6 Superior Force
  • 40 Lesser Magic, 36 Greater Magic, 6 Superior Magic
  • 40 Lesser Spirit, 36 Greater Spirit, 6 Superior Spirit
  • 80 Lesser Arcane, 108 Greater Arcane, 12 Superior Arcane

The arcane keep / daily Affinity Keep is always good to grind out if you’re stuck on what to do next, while waiting for the fusion

Food Farming:

For traditional fusions, to be able to rank up all the required champions, you will also need:

  • 48x 3 Star Chickens
  • 16x 4 star Chickens

Remember, there is usually both a Champion Training Event and a Champion Training Tournament involved in fusions, so levelling this food can be a great way to get points whilst also preparing, but make sure you have the champions ready to level to achieve this (stockpile mystery shards and/or uncommon champions)

Silver Management:

You should have a collection of unleveled artifacts because historically speaking, in recent fusions there have been 2 Artifact Enhancement events during the Fusion Period.

Please note, every Artifact Enhancement event should be expected to cost upwards of 10million silver, so make sure you’ve got a stockpile ready to go, you’ll need it. You can also pre-level artifacts to 11 or 15 to bank some fast, easy points as soon as the event arrives to save yourself both time and valuable silver during the event.

Spider 20 is a great way to farm silver. It will give 3x as much as the campaign will.

Energy Management:

In the fusion, there will usually be Dragon, spider, Fire Knight’s and Ice Golem tournaments which you’ll need to grind. Make sure your team is suitable to get as high stage as possible in a good time.

This will grant you more points and allow you to complete the event quicker.

Referring back the most recent Traditional Fusion for Pyxniel, each dungeon required 1800-2200 points for the Rare, which is respectively 1800-2200 energy / 110-140 runs at level 20, bare this in mind when saving your gems as 100 runs = 480 gems.
Remember that having 100% success rate is more resource-efficient than failing a run.

The Forge

This is an underrated silver mine as you can forge the lower level gear and sell it on which will bank 8x the amount cost to make the gear. Get on the faction wars to get the items needed to forge items.


Try to save as many gems before the fusion as possible this is because you will need them during the fusion to get that last push. During the event try and manage your gems efficiently by prioritising energy overspending them on other resources.

You need to decide if you are what events you are going to be going for as unless you’re whaling it will be very hard to complete every single event and tournament.

Some events will overlap nicely and you’ll be able to smash them out at the same time. Try to plan your days rather than just jumping in and going hard as soon as an event goes live. It might make more sense holding off on a dragon tournament if dungeon divers are going to pop in a few hours. Make sure to check back to our daily Fusion updates to see when events are coming, and when we advise holding off for overlaps!

We hope this helps you prepare for your next fusion!



  1. Hafburn February 10, 2021 at 9:30 pm

    Very helpful and great guide for everyone. Didnt realize the amount of chickens for events was that much. I just sorta auto did them. lol


  2. SouthernDuke February 11, 2021 at 3:04 am

    A tip for the folks running Bluestacks and have tons of materials to burn in the forge: create a macro to make 3-4 star items and then instantly sell them. You can then set it to run however many times and cash out while you do other things.

    Thanks for putting me onto Bluestacks by the way HellHades!

  3. 0sunshine0 April 13, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    Could you add a list of how many points you get per shard (usually) with some averages of how many points it takes to get the characters from there? Or highest points of past fusions?

  4. Nicolas May 29, 2021 at 7:33 pm

    Most event have shards opening, how much should be saved

  5. Amelia85 October 19, 2021 at 6:44 am

    Went for the sigmund fusion, not for the main fusion but for all the epics. It was a complete fail! lol. This guide will be very useful in preparing for a more traditional fusion :)

  6. SS2020user March 21, 2022 at 7:35 am

    Great guide for the chickens and potions! would love an updated version thats accually linked on the website with estimated shards required, training points required, up to date artifact enhancements and more recent dungeons.

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