Cleric Class – Ashes of Creation

Published On: February 17, 2021

Ashes of Creation Presents The Cleric Class


The Cleric class is always helpful. Imagine a class which controls the health of allies and enemies, look no further than the god class itself. The Clerics can smell corruption and bad in people and can take away the life from them. These are also known as the protector class due to the huge heals they can provide. The Clerics connect with every life essence and help them defeat the evil within. Resurrecting the Fighters could swing the fight to your favour so why wouldn’t you pick the Clerics. They can steal energy from their foes, turning their enemies’ powers against them amid the frenzied heat of battle.


Devotion – The Cleric will produce an instant heal as well as a heal over time. This spell is targeted so you can heal an ally.

Castigation – The Cleric will whip your target with holy energy, this will deal with the damage. Your allies in the surrounding area will receive health regeneration and mana restoration.

Benediction – The cleric will target a single target and apply a healing spell which then jumps to other players increasing the healing ability with each jump. The effect will apply damage to the enemies within the chain with a burst effect.

Resurrection – The Cleric for a short duration will resurrect a fallen ally. If the buff is still active and the ally dies again they will be immediately resurrected. If the buff stops then it won’t be an instant resurrect and will have to cast the ability for the short duration again. This is huge in a boss fight as you can just resurrect your allies and get them going again.

Hallowed Ground – The Cleric will buff your whole team to receive more healing and it does damage to enemies. The ability will apply a heal over time to allies and damage over time to nearby enemies.

Damnation – The Cleric will curse the target dealing damage over time and will lower the target damage output allowing you or your allies to take less damage.

Divine Censure – The Cleric throws a radiant spear at the target which does damage. When the target is attacked, an ally who attacks him will get a chance to get healing.

Exorcism – Holy power from the Cleric will target the enemies spirit, dealing damage over time. After its finished channelling, it will explode and deal damage to enemies in the area.

Judgment – The Cleric’s holy power will crush the target, dealing direct damage upon them and it lowers their damage mitigation.


Cleric augments – The Cleric has a choice between life or death: choosing life will allow self-healing as well as life-giving benefits to your allies.

Death – The death based augment will make it possible to summon skeletons, zombies and other undead creatures.


The Cleric will be a very nice addition to your team so you can keep your allies alive and revive your fallen damage dealers! Have fun healing your team and see you in a node later!


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